History - RGP Gestion de patrimoine

Our story: From R.E.G.A.R. Gestion Financière to RGP Financial Group


Founding of R.E.G.A.R. Gestion Financière

Originally named R.E.G.A.R., our firm was one of the first in Quebec to set up an innovative and leading-edge organizational structure. Since then, our network of financial planning and insurance solutions has become widely recognized within the industry. Even now, our growth is driven by innovation.


Creation of R.E.G.A.R. Investment Management

R.E.G.A.R. set up its Investment Management division to expand the services it provides. This subsidiary was one of the first wealth management firms in Canada to use only exchange-traded funds (ETFs) in its portfolio management.


Creation of RGP Investments Funds

To maintain top-quality services, R.E.G.A.R. Investment Management created the RGP Investments funds. These mutual funds allow all types of investors to receive personalized asset management services.


New management team

The winds of change come to R.E.G.A.R. and bring a new management team. Ever-focused on innovation and client well-being, the new managers introduce a business model to take the company to new heights.


R.E.G.A.R. becomes RGP

In 2020, the company celebrated its 25th anniversary.This important achievement also marked the consolidation of our brand image to ensure it truly reflects our plans for growth.A common branding for all our subsidiaries will greatly assist the development of our network across Québec and in the rest of Canada.