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This notice applies to RGP Gestion de Patrimoine, all of its affiliates, officers, directors, agents and employees, and any other person associated with the creation of this site.

RGP Wealth Management knows how important the security and privacy of your personal information is to you. That is why we have developed information privacy policies, guidelines and rules to ensure the protection of personal information.

Personal information management policy

Respect for privacy and confidentiality is a major concern for Canadians. In recent years, the federal and provincial parliaments have adopted various legislative measures aimed specifically at protecting personal information.

RGP Wealth Management and its partners have implemented significant and effective controls to protect the confidential nature of the personal information we hold.

In order to provide quality financial security services, we require access to certain personal medical, financial and family information. We manage this information with the necessary discretion and rigour and in compliance with the legal and regulatory requirements in force in Canada.

The following text informs you of our commitments, i.e. RGP Gestion de Patrimoine's commitments with regard to the management and protection of personal information.

What is personal information?

Personal information is any information about an identifiable individual or any information that, either separately or in combination with other information, identifies an individual. This concept excludes the name and title of an employee of an organisation and the addresses and telephone numbers of his or her place of work. It also excludes information relating to companies and other legal entities.

Collection of personal information and constitution of a file

The personal information we hold about you is kept in a file, the purpose of which is to enable you to benefit from the various insurance, annuity, credit and complementary financial services we offer.

The personal information we collect from you or from third parties, with your consent, is necessary for us to be able to offer you the services you wish to obtain. If you refuse to provide us with this information or to give us the required consent, we may not be able to do business with you. We collect personal information about you that is necessary for the purpose of the file and use only lawful means to do so.

This personal information must first be collected from you. Subject to the exceptions provided for by law, we may only collect personal information about you from third parties with your consent. When this happens, the source of the information is recorded in the file.

The proposals and forms we use include a consent section allowing us to collect, use and disclose your personal information in certain circumstances. It is important to read this section before signing.

We always ask for your consent before collecting or communicating any medical information about you.

Making a claim

We treat your claims as confidential. If we need to obtain medical information, it is used only to assess your claim. If we need to obtain additional information to do so, we will use the consent you have given us to that effect on those same claims.

Holding, use and disclosure of personal information

We take and apply the necessary and appropriate security measures to ensure the confidentiality of the personal information in our possession. The personal information contained in our files is therefore accessible only to those persons who are authorised to have access to it and who consult it only when necessary for the performance of their duties.

As far as possible, we ensure that the personal information contained in the file we hold on you is up to date before using it to make a decision that concerns you.Unless you consent or it is required by law, personal information contained in the file we hold onyou is not used for purposes that are not relevant to the purpose of that file.

We use and disclose our customer lists only to the extent permitted by law. We may use these lists to inform our customers of our promotions or to offer them a new product. You may have your name removed from our solicitation lists at any time by sending a request to the attention of the Privacy Officer.

We may not communicate to a third party the personal information contained in the file we holdon you, except with your written consent or as provided for by law (in the case of an investigation by judicial officers, for example).

Personal information concerning you is sent in such a way as to ensure its confidentiality, even if you are the recipient.

Transfers of personal information to suppliers located outside Canada

Some insurers sometimes use service providers located outside Canada to carry out specific mandates in the normal course of business. It is possible that some of your personal information may be transferred to another country and be subject to the laws of that country. However, these insurers ensure the protection of personal information in their custody, including personal information entrusted to a supplier, whether located in Canada or outside Canada. The privacy policies and practices of these insurers generally require that a written undertaking be signed by the service provider to respect its obligation to maintain the confidentiality of personal information transferred to it.

Right of access and rectification

You may have access to your personal information contained in the file we hold on you by making a written request to the Privacy Officer. This right of access and rectification includes, among other things :

  • the right to consult, free of charge, the personal information contained in the file;
  • the right to obtain a copy of the personal information contained in the file at a reasonable cost;
  • the right to correct incomplete, inaccurate or ambiguous personal information contained in the file.

Handling complaints

In the event of a disagreement with us regarding the exercise of your rights set out in this document or any other situation related to the protection of your personal information, you mayfile a complaint by contacting the Privacy Officer.

Your file will then be handled by the Privacy Officer, who will inform you of the procedure to follow. Each complaint will be investigated. If the complaint is justified, we will correct the specific situation raised by the complaint.

Privacy Officer

The Privacy Officer has the following roles :

  • managing responses to requests for access and rectification;
  • manage requests for removal from solicitation lists;
  • manage responses to complaints about the management and protection of personal information.

The Privacy Officer is also available to provide you with any other information or answer your questions about the management and protection of personal information. Here's how to reach him or her:

RGP Wealth Management

Privacy Officer
René Trépanier
418-627-3963 ext. 356
S.F. 1-888-929-7337
1305 Lebourgneuf Boulevard, Suite 550, Quebec City, Quebec, G2K 2E4

Changes to the policy

We reserve the right to modify this policy at any time.

Details on the collection, use and disclosure of personal information

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Surveys and competitions

If you complete a survey or enter a contest, we will know your opinion or response or any other information you provide. We may use this information in the survey results and post them on our website. In the case of a contest, we will use your registration for the purposes of the draw.